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I have a Giesen W6 coffee roaster. I've always struggled with lagging probe response, which I'm sure has been affecting the quality of my roasting data. That being said, it's been long recommended by roasting gurus to swap out the stock 7mm probe for a 3mm probe.


I was hesitant to do this in the past for a couple reasons. First, I was worried about voiding any warranty I had on the coffee roaster. And two, I worried about messing up and wrecking a very expensive tool (that produces my livelihood). Well after competing in the Golden Bean competition and really honing into my roast data, I quickly realized that needed to finally make the change.


It ended up being a much bigger project than I imagined, having no real resource to turn to. Just identifying the parts that I needed took half a day. And after four trips to the hardware store later I was finally ready to undertake the seemingly complicated task.


I wasn't let down one bit with the amount of time that it took to complete; but like most jobs it wasn't overly complicated, as long as you have some basic mechanical aptitude. It was just a bunch of moderately challenging tasks all put together. I was able to get it done start to finish in about 4 hours. But that also included shooting video, etc. And entertaining a 5 year old whom you'll see her little hands pop up in the lens near the end... I digress.


If you want to try this modification for your roaster, I'd highly encourage you. I'm already seeing a marked improvement in my roast data, which I'll share in the eBook.


Download this eBook for a full list of the tools and supplies you'll need, along with detailed instructions for each step of the way.

Giesen Bean Probe Mod

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